Welcome to the new website!

2018 has been a massive year already with releases in the last few months from Vicious Judgement, Fortune From Tragedy, Brutaliate, Dirty Pagans, Hidden Intent and Meth Leppard with many more on the way.

The new studio is sounding better than I had dared hope and drums especially are sounding huge and tight allowing for a much more natural sound to shine through on our recordings.

In Feb I journeyed up to Alice Springs for a third time and set up shop at the new Black Wreath Studio. While there I recorded new albums with SNAKES, South East Desert Metal and EndAll. I can’t wait to head back in the near future and work with more of NT’s best.

Check out the compilation page to download your FREE compilation featuring over 30 bands I have been working with over the last year or so. The bands range from the most brutal death metal to hauntingly beautiful acoustic and everything in between. Make sure you share it with your friends and muso mates, there are so many great bands that don’t get the attention that they deserve.

The visual page has recent film clips and the first lyric video by our talented visual artist Becky. We also have a new film clip in the works with is shaping up to be epic.

Check back here regularly to keep up with all the exciting stuff happening and of course hit us up for all of your audio and visual needs.

Cheers, Andy.